Installing dependencies on Windows version 10

This guide leads throgh the installation of all prerequisites of MadFast on Windows 10. For other versions of Windows similar steps need to be taken. We recommend to use 64-bit version of Windows. When using 32-bit Windows the -x86 versions of the downloads should be used instead of the -x64 / -x86_64 versions mentioned in this guide.

Note that the exact version numbers (Java, CygWin and its components, MadFast), web page looks and the contents of the termminal windows shown on the screenshots might differ.

Install Java

Click JDK download

Accept license Agreement

Select <code>Windows x64</code> version

Go through the setup with default settings

Go through the setup with default settings

Go through the setup with default settings

Install CygWin


CygWin is installed with the default settings with the exception of the following steps which will need additional user input:


Follow link 'Install CygWin'

Select 'Download and run setup-x86_64.exe'

Launch cygwin installer

Select Next

Select Next

Select Next

Select Next

Select Next

Select an available download site and select Next

Install ChemAxon license

Valid evaluation or production lixenses represented by a ChemAxon license file (license.cxl) is required for using many of the products/functionalities. Document ChemAxon Installing Licenses contains further details. For further questions or to obtain an evaluation or production license feel free to contact us at or disco-support@chemacon.

To install a license file on Windows:

Create 'chemaxon' directory in the user home

Copy 'license.cxl' file

Download and install MadFast

Download MadFast

Download MadFast

Move distribution into the CygWin home directory

Alternatively you can move the distribution .tar file into the CygWin home directory (found in C:\cygwing64\<USERNAME> on the Windows file system) using Windows tools.

You can use TAB to expand commands/pathes: start type mv /cy and press TAB. When only one path matches it will be completed (to mv /cygdrive/). In case of multiple matches no completion is done but after a repeatedTABpress all the matching pathes/commands are printed. ThisTABexpansion behavior differs from Windows command prompt (whereTAB` cycles through matches). Note that commands, pathes and file names are case sensitive inside the CygWin terminal.

Unpack distribution

Unpack distribution

Run MadFast self contained example

Allow MadFast access

Connect to the server

Next steps

See the Getting started guide for further examples.