ConversionRequest Data Type

Molecule conversion request.

name data type description
mol string Molecule to convert. Input is parsed using MolImporter#importMol(java.lang.String) when no import option specified; otherwise using MolImporter#importMol(java.lang.String, java.lang.String)
importopts string Import options or null/empty string.
f string Format string to pass to MolExporter#exportToFormat(chemaxon.struc.Molecule, java.lang.String).
binary boolean Use binary format by invoking MolExporter#exportToBinFormat(chemaxon.struc.Molecule, java.lang.String) and base64 encoding the result.
clean2d boolean Invoke Clean2D (Cleaner#clean(chemaxon.struc.MoleculeGraph, int)) on the imported structure.
molname string Molecule name to set. Molecule name is set when value is not null. Previous molecule name is overriden. When value is not null it is passed to method Molecule#setName(java.lang.String) of the imported structure. Note that the passed method treats null and empty String ("") values the same way.
molprops map of string Molecule properties to set. A molecule property is set for every entry passed. All key-value pairs (including possible null ones) are passed to Molecule#setProperty(java.lang.String, java.lang.String).
pseudos map of string Pseudo atoms to set. The specified atom indices will be transformed to pseudo atoms (setting MolAtom#setAtno(int)) to MolAtom#PSEUDO and their alias will be set using MolAtom#setAliasstr(java.lang.String). The alias values will be escaped by a "\{" prefix and "}" suffix to prevent formatting.


  "mol" : "...",
  "importopts" : "...",
  "f" : "...",
  "binary" : true,
  "clean2d" : true,
  "molname" : "...",
  "molprops" : {
    "property1" : "...",
    "property2" : "..."
  "pseudos" : {
    "property1" : "...",
    "property2" : "..."