ExperimentalRawFilesContentResource Resource

Experimental REST API endpoint for accessing rawfiles. This endpoint allows the accessing raw file contents with the usual semantics of HTTP servers: paths served by this resource (like rest/experimental-rawfiles-content/file1.txt) can be less confusing than the semantics of REST APIs (like rest/experimental-rawfiles/file1.txt/raw; also supported). Note that this endpoint provides only a view, modifications, metadata accessing is available through the REST endpoint (rest/experimental-rawfiles) implemented by ExperimentalRawFilesResource.

Please note that endpoints of this resource are expected to be changed in an incompatible way in any of the future releases.

GET /experimental-rawfiles-content/{res}

Get the raw file content with no content-disposition. The response media type will be filled according to the stored media type. The response is the same as the response of GET ExperimentalRawFilesContentResource. The path associated to this method (rawfiles-content/{res}) represents typical web semantics, where the response is the resource itself with no different/partial representations.

Request Parameters
name type description
res path Raw file
Response Body
media type data type description
application/json object (JSON) Response


GET /experimental-rawfiles-content/{res}
Content-Type: */*
Accept: application/json

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json