Command line interfaces (CLIs)


The command line tools allow end-user access to the overlap/fast similarity search APIs. Instead of a single universal CLI multiple workflow specific CLIs are provided. Launcher scripts of the command line tools are found in the directory bin/.

Note that the distribution contains further self contained example scripts in directory examples/, they are detailed in document Self contained examples.

General considerations

Special arguments

Normal command line arguments (options) of the launcher scripts are passed to the launched applications. Some special arguments (when preceding the normal ones) are captured by the launcher script and treated differently. These special arguments:

Some of the JVM options

JVM options -server, -client, -X...., -D...., -verbose:.... and -javaagent:.... (preceding normal options) arte recognized. These options are passed to the JVM. For example

Classpath addition

Option -classpath <SPEC> will accept additional parts for the classpath to be used. Argument <SPEC> will be added to the beginning of the classpath of the application.

Launcher script diagnostic

Option -launcherverbose will print details of the launcher script internal state (Java command to be used, classpath, JVM options, arguments, main class to be launched) and Java version before invoking the application.

Complete example workflows

Scripts in directory examples provide complete workflows exercising functionality available in this package. For details see documentation.

Creation of serialized structures

Searching of serialized structures

Interactive front-end applications

Debug, diagnostic, tools