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Package com.chemaxon.overlap.persistence.serialization

Utilities for high performance serialization/deserialization.

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Package com.chemaxon.overlap.persistence.serialization Description

Utilities for high performance serialization/deserialization. Custom serialization is used for handling high volume descriptor data. The custom serialization/deserialization implementations are usually observable by ProgressObserver callbacks.

Important parts of the Descriptors and Overlap APIs are Serializable. Certain classes might contain huge amount of data, possibly in the order of multiple gigabytes - consider UnguardedPagedStorage storing 10s of millions descriptors. Custom serialization implementations, like the one provided through OverlapAnalysisContext can efficiently read/write these objects into Object streams while providing progress observing by accepting ProgressObserver callbacks. Deserializing objects from streams containing plain serialized objects and objects serialized by the custom serialization might be confusing. Tools in this package helps to overcome this confusion.

Usage contracts:

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